11 Easy Kitchen Organization Tips

Recently I’ve added different posts about home organization hacks and tips and seems these posts are popular among my blog readers. So I decided to continue this topic and today I’m gonna write a post about organizing kitchen. I’ll add the buying links so you can get those items discussed in this post directly from Amazon.
If we keep our kitchen creatively organized there won’t be mess and our cooking process will be more pleasant.

1. Cutting Board Storage

cutting board storage
I use different cutting boards for cutting meat, fish, vegetables and fruit. So I’ve several boards and used to keep all of them in the drawer, but it was difficult to take them and also the whole drawer was lost as nothing else could be kept there. The solution and another space saving item is cutting board storage, it doesn’t need much space and you can keep your cutting boards as well as your cooking pans there. Buy Cutting Board Storage here

2. Plastic bins as pull-outs

I’ve collected so many kitchen gadgets and have been keeping them on different shelves. Now I use plastic bins as pull-outs and keep all these gadgets in them. You can also label the bins, it makes cooking even easier. Buy Plastic bins here

3. Glass Jars For Baking Goods

I love baking and always find new cake or pie recipes, for the baking process I need too much different baking goods, so decided to keep them in different glass jars and label them. Now my baking process had eased. I also use these jars to keep rice, soy-bean, macaroni. Buy Glass jars here
glass jars for kitchen

4. Add More Shelves In Cabinets

My kitchen has tall cabinets, so I had the option to maximize space using. If you have the ability to use up all vertical space, you should add more shelves in your cupboard. I found it very convenient. These shelves are in 3 different colors, so you can chose that most fits the kitchen design. Buy Kitchen Cabinet Shelves here

kitchen cabinet shelves

5. Under Shelf Basket Rack

Another option for using up the vertical space is adding hanging shelf dividers. This is useful to keep smaller and lighter things, like plastic items. Buy Basket Racks here
shelf divider baskets

6. Pocket Organizer

If you’re regular reader of my blog, then you might already know about the ideas of using inside cabinet doors. One of such ideas is to hang pocket organizer on the cabinet door. This will be handy for keeping sink items. I hate seeing my kitchen gloves and sponges kept on the sink, and now removed all the sink items in this pocket. You can also use these pockets to put your favorite kitchen gadgets, and they will be right at your fingertips. Buy Pocket Organizer here

7. Kitchen Drawer Dividers

I always lost small items and gadgets in the drawers and then wasted my time for searching and finding them. To save up my time and for organizing I put dividers in the drawer to put small items and also packages of spices and gelatin. Buy Drawer Dividers here
kitchen drawer dividers

8. Lid and Pan Organizer

I used to put pans on each other and it was too hard to use them. I had to take all of them from the cabinet and then chose the one I needed and then put the other ones inside. I was too tired of this daily procedure and decided to buy a lid and pan organizer. It made so easy and practical to use my pans. My organizer looks like the one on the image, but they are in different sizes and shapes, so you can chose them yourself. This one is very comfortable to use as it has the ability slide out from the cabinet, that makes it easy to get to items stored in the basket. Buy Lid and Pan Organizer here
lid and pan organizer

9. Dinner Plate Cradles

Everyone uses to put plates on top each other. My dinner plates are too heavy, so it’s a bit hard to take several of them in such way. If you want to easily pull out your dinner plates, there is another kitchen handy item – plate cradles. I found it very practical. Buy Dinner Plate Cradles
plate cradle

10. Spice Racks

Another way to save shelf space and instead use inside cabinet doors, is spice racks. There are many different types of spice storage, they come into different sizes and shapes. But for my kitchen, such rack is more convenient. I have labeled all spices and now it’s very easy to chose one I need for dinner. Buy Spice Rack here
spice rack storage

11. Gourmet Swirl Around Organizer

I use plastic containers too often and use to keep all types of food in them. They are also very practical for picnics or journeys. But it’s a bit difficult to save all these plastic containers compactly. To save up the space and organize all your containers, there is a great Gourmet Swirl Around Organizer. I’m sure you’ll love this product. Buy Gourmet Swirl Around Organizer here
swirl around organizer

While looking for those products I found a book “Kitchen Organization Tips and Secrets”. It has all positive customer reviews and I decided to order the book. I’ll share my opinions about this book when I get it.
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These items will make your life easier and keep your kitchen organized.