Christmas Bathroom Fun Decoration Ideas

Snowman Toilet Set

I’ve seen lots of different Christmas decorating ideas. People use to decorate their living rooms, dining rooms with very lovely and creative decorative elements and ornaments. But today when I was searching for some Christmas ideas, I thought it would be nice if I bring a Christmas in whole home, even in my bathroom. So I decided to search for some Christmas accessories for my bathroom. Now I want to share some cute things with you. All of these accessories have their own Amazon links, so you can directly by them now.

1. Snowman Toilet Seat Cover

Add some fun in your bathroom by adding snowman themed set. The cover and commode can be installed very easily via elastic straps. You can buy this lovely item with snowflakes pattern here

2. Christmas Shower Curtains

Snowman curtain

If you decided to bring some joy into your bathroom, then you really need to chose the incredible shower curtains. I’ve seen different ones, but added only one image. I loved this one most of all. You can add seasonal focus to any bathroom. This is a Huge-print shower curtain with bright colors. I have found other bathroom curtains with lovely Christmas decorations, so you can chose one by your taste -> Incredible Christmas Shower Curtains

3. Snowman Paper Towel Holder


This is another lovely addition for your bathroom. This snowman paper holder is perfect for your countertop during the holiday season. Think it’s adorable! I’ve already ordered one and waiting for it! You can buy Paper Towel Holder here
Hope you’ll love my findings and these cute items will bring holiday colors into your bathrooms!