Easy Ways To Drink Enough Water

drink enough water
Over 60% of human body consists of water, therefore water is an essential for human health. Water plays the key role for most body functions, including the most vital functions such as regulation of body temperature, maintain the health of body cells, regulate chemical and metabolic reactions, keep the bloodstream liquid. Without water, your body would stop working properly. People can last several weeks without food, but if they don’t get water more than 3-5 days, they can’t live. Since water is so important for the function of our organism, it’s essential to control if you drink enough water everyday. If you don’t drink enough water for your organism, then the water content of your body can be lowered and this will cause the dehydration of your organism. To maintain good health, the amount of water that is consumed from your organism must be replaced by an equivalent amount of water. The water requirements is different from different people, it’s depended on the health conditions of a person, physical activity and also on the age. Different studies have shown different results about the amount of the water we should drink each day. On average, studies recommend that women should drink about 1.6 liters and men should drink about 2.0 liters of water per day. It seems to be very easy to drink the essential amount of water per day, but if you analyze how much water you’ve drunk today, you’ll find out, it’s not the same amount that is recommended for you. That’s why we need some tricks to get enough water. Here are 3 easy tricks:

1. Start your day with a glass of water
When I wake up, the last thing I want to drink is water. And I’m sure most of you are like me, you need coffee to start your day. But I’ve made a goal: start my day with a glass of water. Also, it’d be great if you drink water after every meal. When you set this goal, you will get used to this “habit”

2. Keep water bottles everywhere
Don’t forget to take bottles of water with you, no matter where are you going: for shopping, at the work or on the trip. You need to have bottle of water with you every time.

3. Infuse your water with flavor
If it’s a bit boring to drink only water during the day, you can make it more tasty. You can add lemon, your favorite fruit or some herbs, like mint.