Extraordinary Uses For Bananas

uses of banana
I’m sure most of you love bananas like me. I can eat plenty! But did you know that bananas are more than just a delicious fruit? It has a variety of benefits and the uses of bananas are also numerous. Bananas are full with vitamins A, B, C and E and minerals such as iron, zinc and potassium. It also contains antioxidants. Those ‘ingredients’ allows us to use bananas in many different also in some unusual ways. Let’s start from health and beauty.
The benefits of banana for skin
Banana is great natural moisturizer for your dry skin. Vitamin A helps to moisture and repair the damaged skin cells. Banana helps you hydrate the dry skin. The recipe for this facial remedy is very simple: use the ripped banana and just mash it and use on your face. You can also add honey or vitamin E oil if you have too dry skin. You should leave this facial mask for 20 minutes and then wash using water. Your skin will be clean and glowing. The generous amount of vitamin C makes your skin glowing and makes it more youthful. If you add some lemon juice in mashed banana, you can get rid of the oily skin as well. The acids in lemon juice will help you to get rid of the oil and bananas will control the future production of oil on your face skin.
Do you have wrinkles on you skin? Want to get rid of them? Again bananas is very beneficial! In this case you should add avocado in your mashed banana and apply on your skin. Such facial mask will also help in fighting against the aging forms on your face.
And one more great use of bananas for your face. As banana is full of antioxidants, it’s used in facial scrubs. There are many different combinations of banana scrub recipes. You can use either sugar and honey with banana, or some uncooked rice and coconut milk. (I’ll make a post about facial scrubs in a very near future)
You can use bananas in foot care. If you have dry and dead skin on your heels, you should mash banana and apply it on clean and dry feet. You should leave it during 10 minutes and then wash. Your skin will be hydrated and will become soft.
Banana Benefits for hair
Just like banana helps you moisturize your face skin, the oils and potassium that is found this fruit is very beneficial against the dry hair. Use ripe banana, mix it with avocado and add some coconut milk and apply this mask on your hair and leave for 15 minutes. Your hair will become more soft and glowing. Besides this, banana helps in repairing damaged hair and works effectively against hair loss. In this case you should add almond oil in your mashed banana and apply on hair. If you use banana hair masks regularly, your hair will become stronger and will look healthier.
Bye bye puffy eyes
If you are tired of having puffy eyes each morning and you spend too much in expensive beauty products to get rid of puffy eyes, you just can eat more banana. As banana is rich in potassium, eating more banana regulates the fluid levels and will remove the eye-bags and your skin will look more refreshed.
Use Banana To Whiten Teeth
In this case you need banana peel, after reading this, you may not throw away the banana peel. Peel of this fruit contains magnesium, potassium and manganese. These minerals help you in whitening teeth. You just need to rub the banana peel on teeth for 1-2 minutes a day and repeat this several times in a week. After some time you’ll see that your teeth become more white.
Bananas For Essential Sleep
As banana contains tryptophan and amino acid it helps produce Melatonin which is sleep regulator in your organism. So if you eat banana a few hours before you go to bed, you will have a calm and sound sleep.
Not let’s see how you can use banana at home and in your garden.
Tenderize Roast Meat
Now when you already know how to use the fruit and it’s peel, it’s time to learn the use of the banana leaves. To tell you the truth, before this I’ve not heard about using the leaves of banana. In Asian countries these leaves are used to wrap meat. If you want your roasted meat to become more soft, you should try wrapping meat into banana leaves. Or you can also use the ripe banana itself, add banana into the pan while cooking meat.
Polish Leather & Silver
I was a bit surprised when I found out that banana peel was used as leather and silver cleaner. If you rub banana peel, for example, on leather shoes or some silverware, they will become shiny.
Attract Birds & Butterflies
If the beautiful butterflies don’t fly in your garden and you can’t hear birds twittering in the morning, then why not to be tricky? Birds and butterflies love this tasty fruit like you. Make small holes in the ripe banana and put it in your garden and wait before it attracts birds in your backyard.
Brighten up houseplants
If your plants are dusty, you’d better use banana peels to remove the dirt from the leaves of plants. If you use water it will spread the dirt around.
Banana in compost pile
If you are good in gardening then you know the use of compost in gardening. Banana and its peels will be a great addition in your compost pile. But don’t forget to bury banana deeply.

And finally, my most favorite use of banana. You only need to blend a bit frozen banana in your blender and you’ll love the taste of soft-serve “ice cream”!