Homemade Body Wash

lavender body wash

Image Credit: Thankyourbody.com

As you know it’s really hard to find natural, toxin free body wash, if you check the ingredients, you’ll find the list of unhealthy ingredients. Because of this reason I decided to make my own body wash with natural ingredients. It’s a very simple process and you know you’ll have a body wash that isn’t harmful for your skin and health. I searched for different recipes and ingredients. Before choosing the body wash recipe, you should take into care your skin type, if you have dry skin then you should chose ingredients that will make your body wash more moisturize, you can customize it with a number of different essential oils like Coconut Oil, lavender oil or chamomile oil
At thankyourbody.com I found a very simple and nice

Recipe of Oatmel and Lavender Body Wash

The ingredients used in this recipe are all natural and will make your skin clean and more glow, and it also has a fabulous smell.
If you’d love to know more about organic skin care and going to make your own natural beauty products with different herbs and oils, then you should check the book by Stephanie Tourles: 175 Homemade Organic Body Care Recipes