Homemade Natural Translucent Powder

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Image Credit: Greatoakcircle.com

As you know the high quality beauty products with natural ingredients are too expensive and also it’s too hard to find the good one. If you are tired of choosing different beauty products, I want to share with you recipe that will solve your problem. I’ve been trying to look for an all natural finishing powder, that’s why when I found this recipe on Greatoakcircle.com I was very excited. This natural translucent powder is very cheap to make at home. Here is the list of all necessary ingredients with Amazon links:
Organic Cornstarch
French Green Clay
Organic Cocoa
On Greatoakcircle.com there is very simple recipe and full directions to make your own powder at home. You can check the recipe there:

How to make Natural Translucent Powder

This homemade powder is great for oily skin. Cornstarch is used in beauty products to absorb the oil form the skin. But if you have dry skin, don’t be afraid, this ingredient only absorbs the skin.
Have fun making your own natural powder at home!