How To Clean Baking Sheets and Pans in 5 Minutes

clean baking sheets

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Are you ready for the baking season? Have you taken a look at your baking pans and sheets lately?
Usually, the sheets and pans are full of stains. Countless baking session leave their mark on these poor sheets. Its a chore but clean baking sheets make all the difference and it is your duty as a cook to bring these back to their former sparkling glory. There are tons of solutions available in the market for cleaning these sheets and pans but everything does not work. Food remnants and grease stick to the sheets like magnet.

Becky on Clean Mama was so infuriated with all the available solutions not working on her non-coated baking sheets that she had to devise her own.
You do not need much only a few ingredients and a few drops of water and you will have sparkling clean trays within a few minutes. Head over to Clean Mama to learn Beck’y recipe for getting rid of all the stains on that baking sheet.

How To Clean Baking Sheets and Pans in 5 Minutes

Give it a try and simplify your cleaning process, you’ll have sparkling baking sheets!