How To Make Coffee Art

coffee art
I’m always amazed when I watch the videos or look at the images of coffee art. How can they make so many wonderful things with just a cup of coffee?! I’m really interested in this kind of art. But unfortunately when I tried making it myself, I couldn’t do even the easiest example of coffee art using latte. Though I found a pretty simple way! And now going to show you too. Well, in this case we only need a cup of espresso coffee, whipped cream, cocoa powder and a piece of paper.
We need to cut off the heart shape on the paper. Prepare a cup of espresso mixed with whipped cream. Put the paper on the cup, the shape of heart should be in the middle. Now we just sprinkle the cocoa powder on the paper. And that’s all; We’re done!
This is an easy way to make a coffee art at home, everyone can do this. Instead of cocoa powder you can also use whipped chocolate or cinnamon powder. I’m sure your beloved ones will enjoy a cup of coffee with a little heart on it.