How To Make Egg Snowmen

egg snowman
I want to share one cute holiday season recipe. This is so simple, I suggest to allow your children help preparing this ‘meal’. They’ll love and enjoy the process.
I made this egg snowman today and it was really fun process. So what I used to make the little snowman: I boiled eggs, one snowman needs 2 boiled eggs, carrot, peppercorns and some parsley.
I peeled of the egg shell and peeled carrot. Cut of the ends of carrot. The carrot round slices should be approximately 1/2 cm thick. But if you’ll get thicker, don’t worry. Then I cut of the top and bottom of eggs. It’s better if you choose big and small eggs. The bigger one will be the body and the smaller one will be used as the snowman head. Then I used pasta to connect the snowman parts. You should stick the pasta into both eggs and carrots.
snowman from egg
Now our little snowman needs nose and eyes. I made a little nose from the carrot and to make the eyes I used the peppercorns. You should also use peppercorns as buttons. And finally I made the hands with parsley. So we are done!
I’m going to make these cute snowmen on my holiday table, it will be a lovely addition. You really need to try this idea, you’ll have a great fun. Enjoy your cute appetizers!