Make the Perfect Ornament Wreath for the Holidays

holiday wreath tutorial

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Wreaths are a perfect way to add some festive decor during the holidays. You know ornament wreaths are too expensive in stores, so i decided to make my own one. And I’m so excited; it ended up so pretty and perfect and I only spend a few dollars on this holiday decoration project. You can use different materials and make different styles of wreaths according to your taste. But today’s our tutorial is using ornaments. I chose medium sized ornaments, you can pick up small ones, but take into mind you’ll need a lot of them. I decided to make the wreath into silver and golden colors, you can change the colors. Well, here’re the supplies you need: ornaments, Styrofoam wreath, and glue. Be sure to check out the blog post below for more about this project:

How to Make the Perfect Ornament Wreath for the Holidays

I absolutely love the way it turned out. Hope you enjoyed this post :)