Mom’s Mason Jar Hanger

moms mason jar hanger

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If you are a canning master to love preserving fruit and vegetables to enjoy the taste of those canned food through the whole year, then may be you have a lot of jars to be kept. This summer me and my mom preserved so much vegetables, that now we don’t know where to keep them. We use to put those mason jars in our pantry, but there is no enough space to put them on the shelves. So started for searching some clever organizing tips. I found pretty cool idea on This is a special mason jar hanger. This mason jar hanger is a great way to organize and store preserved food jars in an easy way. These group of people who invented “Mom’s mason jar hanger” are raising funds on to start manufacturing this product. You can check the description of mason jar hanger by your own.

What Is Mom’s Mason Jar Hanger

I loved this idea so much! Wish I had such at home :)