Natural Homemade Eye Shadow Recipe

natural eye shadow

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Last week I added a post about making homemade natural translucent powder, today I want to teach you making one more homemade beauty product. There are tons of different eye shadows, but for me choosing the perfect one is always a difficult process. We have to take a good care on our eyes. When I use eye shadow, it irritates my eyes and I don’t feel comfortable. But I love having a beautiful eye make up. And searching for the solution I found one more handmade product: natural eye shadow. I’ve found it on They have a really good resource of homemade recipes, and of them is the eye shadow recipe. We have four color options. We give different colors to our eye shadow using:

And for the base you’ll need Arrowroot Powder and Shea Butter. There is a simple step-by-step guide on You should check the recipe and the amount of ingredients there:

Natural Homemade Eye Shadow Recipe

If you’ve already checked the recipe, you know it’s easier to make natural beauty products than you think and with these homemade makeup you save your skin from unnecessary chemicals.