Over 50 Canning Recipes

canning recipes

If you are into canning and try to can all your favorite fruits and vegetables for all year around, than this will be perfect resource for you. You know, almost every fruit and veggie can be used for canned and become a delicious food or snack. I’ve already tried some of those recipes I found on Creating Nirvana. One of my favorite recipe is canning chocolate strawberry sauce. For this recipe I used cocoa powder, powdered pectin, crushed strawberries, granulated sugar
and lemon juice. The sauce was so great! It can be used on top of cheese cake or as a quick cake filler in between layers.
If you are a professional in canning or you want to learn some canning recipes, these resource will be great for you. You can find over

50 Canning Recipes

This recipe list will make you busy almost all the year. You’ll be able to add delicious food and snacks to your food storage. If you have your own garden, now you can use your own fruit and vegetables in canning, besides you save some money, I’m sure your cans will be more delicious made with your own vegetables.