Rainbow Peppermint Patties

rainbow patties

Image Credit: Tablespoon.com

Another great homemade gift idea for your loved ones! Think, everyone loves rainbow, it makes people feel happy and positive. Why not to try preparing rainbow peppermint patties? When I first saw the image of these cake, I though it would be a difficult task to make a rainbow inside chocolate. But it wasn’t such difficult. You should prepare the food coloring and chose the rainbow colors, so you need 7 colors in total. You have to make small colorful dough rolls. On tablespoon.com I found an easy and step-by-step guide, you will get the full recipe there:

Rainbow Peppermint Patties Recipe

This rainbow peppermint patties will be a gorgeous gift for your family members and your loved ones. Especially your children will adore this lovely idea and think they will enjoy helping you in the kitchen. Think it’s worth to try, as it not only looks lovely, but also tastes yummy!