Skittles Vodka Tutorial

Skittles Vodka

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May be you’ve heard about infusing vodka with skittles, or have drunk on a party. Now if you wish to learn how to prepare this today’s trending drink, I’ve found an easy recipe for you. So let’s get started. This recipe shows you separating all the Skittles into their separate flavors. Of course you can also prepare the infused drink with all five flavors in it. What you need for this recipe? Of course vodka, bag of Skittles-Original Fruit Candies, 5 flask bottles (you can buy on Amazon), bowls to separate Skittles into 5 different colors, measuring cup, 5 plastic cups, a funnel and for serving this drink you need Shot Glasses.
If you’ve collected all these above mentioned things, now you are ready to start your project. And now you need to check the

Step by step tutorial – Skittles Vodka

This tutorial will explain every detail to make this drink and you’ll be ready for the next party. And one more thing, you can use this in a cocktail.