The Common Cold Home Remedy

cold home remedy

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We all know the symptoms of a common cold – sore throat, hacking cough, headache.. And you’ll agree this common cold affects on your mood and can ruin your holidays. Families spend too much money in different medicines and doctor visits, but still there is no scientific cure for a common cold. Mostly families with little children suffer because of the flue, as children don’t like the taste of medicines and refuse taking pills.
There are many natural ways to treat the cold and these natural remedies are as effective as the medicines that you buy every time you get cold. This time I want to share you the home remedy that is very simple to prepare, as we can find the necessary ingredients in every kitchen. You only need:
Apple Cider Vinegar
and Cayenne
As you know all these ingredients are safe and you can give it to your little children. Now check the recipe of

Common Cold Home Remedy

As you’ll see it’s very easy to prepare and unlike the medicines it also tastes yummy, so your children will not refuse to take it to fight against cough or sore throat.