Unexpected Uses For Salt

uses for saltI came across to one interesting article about different uses for salt. If you think salt is used just for putting on food, you are wrong. I didn’t know if there might be so many unusual uses for this mineral. Discovering some interesting and useful information, I decided to get more info and share with you. The uses for salt seems to be countless, it starts from the kitchen to continues with personal care. So let’s start and discuss some of the most important uses.

In the kitchen

Besides salt’s every day use in food flavor and baking, there are more great applications in the kitchen.
1. If you add some salt into boiling water, it will reduce the cooking time, as salt makes water to boil on the higher temperature.

2. Add 2 tsp of salt in a glass of water and put an egg into it. If the egg is fresh, then it will sink, but an older one will float.

3. If you want to prevent fruit and vegetables from browning, you can use salted water. Put slices vegetables or fruit into salted water and they will look fresh during a day.

4. Everyone hates when their hands have the smell of onion or garlic after cooking dinner. To remove odor you can rub your hands with salt.

5. If you boil potatoes into salted water, the boiled potatoes will have better texture.

6. Adding some salt into cake icings prevents it from sugaring.

7. If you don’t like the bitter taste of coffee, you can add some salt into your cup of coffee. This will enhance the flavor and remove the bitterness.


1. Salt is used to clean kitchen sink. Pour salt with hot water into your kitchen sink and this will keep grease from building up.

2. To remove white marks from wooden table using think paste of salt and vegetable oil.

3. You can also clean cutting board if you rub the salt on it.

4. If you love having artificial flowers at home, this will be useful for you: put the artificial flowers into a bag and pour the salt into it, then shake the bag. The color of salt will be changes and you’ll how clean your flowers will look.

5. Mix soda and salt together and use it for cleaning your oven and the inside part of the refrigerator.

6. Salt is great stain remover. If you add salt into warm water while washing your clothes, the perspiration stains will be removed. Salt also helps removing the stains of red wine and blood. But in this case, you need to wash the stained fabric into cold water and add the salt. When you use saltwater into washing, salt will improve the colors and make your clothing more brighten.

Personal Care

1. Salt whitens teeth. You can mix salt and baking soda, dip the toothbrush into this mix and brush your teeth.
Mixing baking soda and salt into water is good for deodorizing mouth rinse.

2. You can use salt against the bites of mosquitoes. Apply the mixed salt with olive oil.

3. Salt can be used as skin scrub. After taking bath, apply salt on the skin, it will remove the dead cells of your skin and make it more glow.

4. You can ease throat pain. Mix salt and warm water, gargle to relieve a sore throat.

5. If accidentally bee bites you, immediately apply small pile of salt on that area, it will reduce the pain.